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Raumplus - founded in Bremen, at home in the world. We are a family business and passionately manufacture sliding doors, room dividers, wardrobe systems, shelves, highboards and sideboards with the highest standards of quality and design. Every piece of furniture that leaves our production is individual and made to measure. Whether it is a corner cupboard, sliding doors in a sloping ceiling, a walk-in wardrobe, sliding glass doors, hinge or folding doors as a practical room solution in the kitchen. raumplus makes it possible! raumplus makes you happy!


Discover the variety and configuration options of our sliding doors and wardrobe sliding doors in trendy wood look, transparent safety glass or trendy decor? Plain or in combination? Room-high or partitioned by rails? With us, you can also do exactly what you want visually. We realise it. Test now the spatial effect with your desired panel, frame colour or surface of the wardrobe on the basis of a selection of our offer!



It is one of the timeless elements of individual living: the built-in wardrobe. We will build you a custom-made built-in wardrobe for your niche.


They are often the highlight of the bedroom, but walk-in wardrobes are also practical in other rooms. The walk-in wardrobe is the unbeaten classic solution among them.


Intelligent room solutions for the sloping roof is usually a built-in wardrobe made to measure. Flat or steep slope - at raumplus we plan the right one for you.


With smart corner solutions, which can continued seamlessly, they can make use of the space all the way to the last corner. The possibilities of our raumplus systems are almost limitless.


A room divider is an element or furniture that separates rooms or makes one room into two, also called room-in-room.


Custom-made dressers are the perfect complement to built-in wardrobes and shelving systems. In addition, as an island solution, they are the ideal (storage) space in the dressing room.


Are you looking for individual room doors made to measure? Then you have come to the right place. Here we show you an example of our possibilities.


Partition walls are the perfect room element when a large floor plan needs to be divided in a practical way.


raumplus is a manufacturer of custom-made sliding doors, room dividers and wardrobe systems. As a company located in Bremen, we can flexibly manufacture everything from single pieces to large quantities.

Our success story stretches over three generations: from the first sliding door, designed in 1986 by company founder Jürgen Guddas, to the expansion into a globally active brand under Carsten and Uta Bergmann (née Guddas), to the illuminated sliding door S1200 LED, which granddaughter and industrial designer Nane-Sophie Bergmann developed for the company's 30th anniversary. As acting managing director, Carsten Bergmann is now at home with raumplus on all continents and has partners in 70 countries, including company holdings in the USA, Canada, Russia, Switzerland and Poland. Despite the continuous success and growth of the brand, raumplus still stands for the ethical principles that have existed since the founding years and have been defined as a fixed brand component in the company: Customer friendliness, diversity, uncompromising quality and competence.


The raumplus corporate philosophy raumplus as a brand stands for intelligent and innovative room solutions. These include sliding doors, room dividers, hinge and folding doors, walk-in wardrobes, wardrobe systems and freestanding furniture. Part of our lived corporate identity is that the fulfillment of our customers' wishes is the focus of our efforts. raumplus employees and managers act in the spirit of traditional Hanseatic merchants when they follow our ethical resolution to always be a fair, respectful and honest partner for customers and suppliers.

Since 1986, raumplus company founder Jürgen Guddas has set as an ethical guiding principle that partnership is more than mere identification with the company. Rather, our dealings with all parties involved should always be so individually tailored to measure that they can be met at eye level.


Maximum quality with minimum environmental impact - that is our company maxim. That is why we take the interests of our customers just as seriously as the protection of our planet. The long-term preservation of our living space is a major goal, where every single step means progress for all of us. This is a trend-setting path on which raumplus aims to keep its corporate footprint as small as possible - by constantly optimizing materials, packaging, energy consumption, travel and more. We'll keep at it - you can count on that.


For the packaging of our products we use cardboard and avoid foils and foams as far as possible. 80% of the corrugated cardboard produced is already made of recycled paper. Cardboard packaging remnants are shredded and used as filling material.


Where flights cannot be avoided we ensure that flights are booked with low emissions.

LED lamps

By switching to LED lamps in our offices, production and warehouse, we are saving greenhouse gases.


The corrugated cardboard we use for our packaging is 100% recyclable 100% recyclable.

Printed materials

Our main brochure »Smart Sliding & More « was climate-neutral and printed on FSC-certified paper.

Long-lasting aluminum

The energy required to produce aluminum is high. However, as a material, it is 100% recyclable and its reuse possibilities are endless.

Image pictures

By visualising our image pictures using CGI technology, we waste neither material nor resources on costly photo shoots.

Reusable instead of disposable

In our canteen and at canteen and at company parties reusable tableware.

Central extraction system

With the central exhaust system we save heating energy and electricity.

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